Wanted: Mess Dress Wellinton Boots

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Los_Cojones, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm in the market for a decent pair of size 9 Mess Wellinton Boots. Good nick and heeled. Don't need to be waxed - I'll get the boy to sort....
  2. Got some size 10s. I rather wanted to sell them as part of a complete mess kit but if you're esp keen ... they're good nick and heeled - pm your email and I'll send a photo. Will require a polish!
  3. Not a wah guys but what Regiments have Mess wellingtons?
  4. Got a pair of size 9s gathering dust in the dresing up box. Well worn but take a good shine and look the part. Would be looking for £30- PM to me know where you are and we can talk.
  5. The RLC, but they have to be pink with little flowers.

    IIRC any that have a mounted background.....will be proved wrong, again, shortly!:)
  6. The Duke of Boots?
  7. Try Silvermans, they do new and grade one used.
  8. Would you like a good looking sheep (well fit) to go with them ?
  9. what they made with ?? is it same as norm wellys
  10. Wah shield up.

    Leather as in as established by the Duke of Wellington..not as by 'Compo' in 'Last of the Summer Wine.' :)
  11. i have never seen such things,,, i even looked on google i was very surprised to see there was such things,,but i was guessing USA,,
  12. 2 pairs of 10/11 George boots and a set of mess wellies same size, boxed and with spurs (They are boxed for spurs, they dont come in a box!) PM me if interested and we will sort a price
  13. Cant box the sheep but will put it in a nice sack and send it courier. Is pay pal OK for you?
  14. they are not on their "last legs" then? Pun intended.