WANTED: Medals - Telic II and Fingal/Herrick

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by nomadcelt, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. I'm getting married in December and the Medals Office are being their usual helpful selves. Anyone know where I can get replica medals from for a respectable price? I do not want to be wearing Number 1's with 3 ribbons and only one medal.

  2. Look in the back of soldier magazine, they have shedloads of companies that will do em for you
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  4. Worcester Medals are pretty pricey. When my medals were dynamically re-assigned to a roving gypsy lad (i.e. thieving pikey b'tard) I had them replaced by Award Productions Limited, who were very good and included as standard all the little things that get charged as extras (court-mounting, medal bar, emblems for ribbons). Assuming your group is a Telic, a Fingal and a Golden Jubilee - then it ought to come to about 65 sovs plus P&P. I ordered mine on the 3rd Feb and they were with me about a week later.

    The dog then tried to eat them...sod!
  5. I agree, Worcestershire Medal Service give an excellent service.

    But what a farce this is, that a soldier (demonstrating excellent prior planning and preparation) is having to contemplate buying replica medals so he (I assume "he", but makes no difference) can be correctly dressed for his wedding in December. When the actual engraved medals eventually arrive, some people will want to display them separately but others will be forking out yet more money to get them mounted in place of the replicas.

    Medals are meant to have a positive effect on morale but if the individual is kept waiting year after year, it starts to have the opposite effect. The underlying message seems to be, "thanks for your service but we don't care about you now".

    This is a perennial subject on ARRSE. Trouble is it just doesnt feel right moaning about one's own personal missing medal. Time perhaps to do a bit more to draw attention to this as an issue of general concern?

    MoD is of course well aware of the problem - it is mentioned in the CGS briefing team report posted today in the RHQ thread - but I am told that the problem is actually worse than is often being presented.

    True, they can't do anything now about the c*ckup which led to the old Army Medal office being run down and people being made redundant long before the new one was up and running. Just as an example, I applied to the old Medal Office several times in writing for replacement of a medal which was awarded to me but went 'astray' somewhere in the BFPO or clerks system - got no reply, ever - eventually found out that they had a policy of filing but not acknowledging applications for that particular medal. Unusual policy for a public service organisation. Minor story, I can wait, but how much more disappointing must it be for those awaiting significant operational medals such as for Op Telic. Some of whom may have no other medal, so far.

    It's not the most important issue in the world, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is causing totally unnecessary irritation and disillusion with "the firm".

    Maybe the way forward is to buy shares in Worcestershire Medals?
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not sure the GSM would look too fashionable on a wedding dress, H old chap. We can assume it's a bloke!
  7. Just demonstrating my extreme PC-ness, Ventress. If anyone ever dares to try that fashion, we can assume she (or indeed, he) is an ARRSEr.

    I think that covers all the angles.
  8. Well as the opening post does say that s/he will be wearing No1s I don't thing the wedding dress is an option really.

    So still not 100% clear if its a him or a her.

    Must say the idea of the bride in No1s and the groom in a suit, or even better in a kilt, would make for some unusual wedding photos :D
  9. I'm still waiting for a Bosnia UN medal from 1995. Apparently I signed for it in 1996 from the admin office of a unit in the SW of England. Strange considering I was posted to Scotland at the time. I've now given up hope but refuse to buy one at my own expense as I'm a tight baastard.
  10. I heard a rumour today that the NEW medal Office at Innsworth is now moving !!! Yep, moving again.

    That'll improve things for sure - The Medal Office is a rolling train accident
  11. Save your pennies. Just wear the ribbons.
  12. Spoken like a true Jock.
  13. So someone forged your signature in order to steal the medal, whether on their own behalf or to pass it on to someone else who at the time was waiting for theirs. I have much the same problem. Write to the Medal Office again and ask for a photocopy of the receipt? You should get a reply in a few years.
  14. I have come up with the solution.

    Personnel still waiting for their medal after a set period shall be entitled to put up an ARRSE medal in lieu.

    That should put pressure on the system, but if they still fail to spark, who would not be proud to show off a Mr Potato Head medal dangling by a smart ribbon in No 4 colours. Medal to be of real chocolate this time, in case of dietary emergency.

    Problem solved.