WANTED - Map of Falkland Islands

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Plastic Squaddie said:
WANTED - Map of Falkland Islands, ideally in a digital format, but anything considered, especially of military type.
Are you still in mate? TA or otherwise. If you get intouch with your local Geo section/map store people they should be able to print you one out. You can order maps that are not available locally through the system for official purposes.

try the University of Texas online maps (Perry Castenada)

type "university of texas maps" into google

They have the best maps online in all sizes
Hi All

Many thanks - I have already found and looked at the sites listed and the maps on offer are too tourist oriented or lacking in detail.

Unfortnuately I am no longer serving - been out yonks, and have no access to military map sources.
Contact the Argentinian military then, they seemed to know their way around in 82 :wink:


Check your inbox.

Oracle said:
Stangely enough Google is available to all, found these myself ages ago. What I was looking for - and have since found - was detailed hi-res digital or paper maps of the F.I.

Thanks all. Search now over.
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