WANTED: Man to keep me entertained on hot lonely nights

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Snips, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. Anyone interested? Stuck out here in Iraq and need some 'nightly activities'.....................and don't say bingo! :roll:
  2. 10,000 Brit Mil in theatre, and you ain't getting any?

    Are you losing your seduction skills mate? :D

    Oh, and it looks like we'll be coming to join you, before you rejoin us :?

    Stay safe and keep yer head down

    Try harder on the blokie thing, have you contemplated *shudder* Yanks?
  3. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    She wouldn't stoop that low would she?
  4. Nah Papa

    SB ain't the desperate type. Mind you, the heat can do funny things to a girl :D
  5. Madam,
    At your service.
    Think I'm in a nicer, hot place though !
  6. Hey Sniper, find me a nice, tall American and bring him back for me!!
  7. Prods, tell me you aren't serious about letting a spam knock yer back doors in..

    Eugh........ rather be gang raped by a thousand Belgians that be tampered with by a septic
  8. ooooooooohh, I don't know............rather fancy a Samuel Jackson, or a nicely turned out Viggo Mortenson, or even a lightly done Gary Sinise..........in the absence of a home grown Irishman of course.....

  9. Ok so thats a booking then?

    Blackpool, 25/26 Oct.
    1 coach load of nympho nurses for the rest of us and........ 1000 Belgians for MDN. KY gel included. 8O

    Eee by ek he's a real man! :lol:
  10. Prodigal behave, a septic and a boggy

    Oh how my estimations have gone down

    And Carlos, no lube needed, the belgians haven't got a jump in them, if they are up to it I will let them do me dry............ :D
  11. Right then, thats Prodie and MDN sorted for bedroom gymnastics, but what about poor ol sniper? 8O

    Prodie, now that you've getting rodded out can you send your old vibrator out to SB to keep her "entertained"? :lol:

    Even better, if there is one that she can plug into a geni out there it will save on batteries.
  12. a 1500 watt..........yikes! 8O
  13. Sounds like you have just tried it RR. :twisted: :lol: :p
    Was it fun?

    Do you want me to come round and rub it better? :lol:
  14. I dont think there would be anything left TO rub better!!!!
  15. Carlos, for goodness sake, I'm a tree hugging pagan, I don't do electronics!!! Give me the real thing any time..............of course, it would help if I could find an Englishman who didn't quake in his shoes when I smiled at him - I'm coming to the conclusion that they are all wimps................so, give me a colonial or a celt any time, at least they don't run and hide at the sight of a tiger....... :wink: (of course, I still have to overcome the small problem of them trying to shoot me, skin me and lay me on their floors........... 8O )