Wanted: Logistics Supportability Manager

Job Role:
To act as the Logistics Supportability Control Account Manager for on-going Programmes with XXXX, to co-ordinate all activities within the department liaising with Programme Managers, team members and Function Heads. Daily tasks will include providing the interface between ILS activities and the programme management team delivering the XXXX programme as an Urgent Operational Requirement.

Key Objectives & Responsibilities:

v Create and maintain the Logistic Work Balance Structure and Work Package Descriptions as required

v Create and maintain schedules and Key dependences, including the task logic, duration and resources

v Managing sub contract work

v Primary Point of Contact (POC) for customer Supportability Activities

v Primary POC for Supplier Management activities relating to Support

v Joint Chairing of Support Reviews (Customer) and Chair of Supplier reviews

v Production and Maintenance of the Programme Support Plan

v Assist in the development of the commercial model for support and training delivery.

Experience, Qualifications & Competency Requirements

v Requires detailed knowledge of British Army logistics and MoD ILS processes and procedures.

v Programme Management experience within a military vehicle engineering environment.

v Experienced in working on UK MOD Defence Programmes in a Logistics/Supportability capacity.

v Qualification in Project Management

v Able to demonstrate ability to Manage the Integrated Logistic Support (Supportability, maintainability, availability, reliability, testability, LCC and DMC analysis),

v Engineering Degree.

v Planning & managing resources to deliver business results.

v Managing customers & suppliers.

v Ability to produce creative solutions to unusual problems.

v Logistic knowledge and proven negotiation skills.


Salary £45,000 - £50,000 per annum depending on experience, Car allowance £5,000, Private Medical Insurance, 2 x Salary life assurance, 6% Company Pension Contribution.

Please send you CV to melinda.henley@armconsult.co.uk
Melinda - glad to see you posting the job on here following the recommendation. Hope you and a job seeker find each other.


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Were is the job based?
I was hoping the info would have been posted by Melinda by now but, as I have seen the full job spec and steered her here, it is based in the Midlands.

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