WANTED: Laptop with built in webcam

i've seen a laptop in Dell and PC World, with 160gb hard drive, 3 gb memory, all the boll0cks in it, with built in webcam. They're punting them out for about 470 quid. I want 2 but don't fancy paying top wack for them, if you know what i mean! Any one sort me out?
Nice one kaostech. Can you hook these up to the tele, so i can set up the web cam, so my wife and kids can see me on the big screen and vice versa, when i'm away on yet another op or course?
Good bit of advice on pcs and other electricals:

Never buy them from pc world, curries, dixons etc.

These shops are rip off merchants and you can buy identical electronics for literally hundreds of pounds cheaper.

The same goes for jessops etc for cameras. I searched on google shopping for an expensive camera, jessops came up with a price that was 1k more expensive than internet shops; In a word, insane!

If you want a laptop, buy it online for the cheapest price, or if you want a pc, i recommend buying it prebuilt online from a shop such as komplett.co.uk, or self building(even cheaper)

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