WANTED: Karrimor SF Enforcer Jacket

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by JonnyT, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been after one of these jackets for ages now. I know there are a lot of similar ones out there but I've got my heart set dead firm on this one.

    Karrimor SF Enforcer Jacket | CopShopUK Price = £194.99 (RRP £280)

    Only problem is I can't afford the £195 price tag.

    I know of a few RMP mates who were issued with them.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has a spare they would like to sell on (or even donate)?
    (I'm not bothered if it has the eps and radio loops or not)

    If you have a one sitting round that you don't use any more please let me know. I'm a size large.


  2. Either wear your issue one or try walts r us.

    Out of curiosity are you old bill? It looks very similar to Search Team kit and I reckon you could acquire one from your local both hands and a map team.
  3. The Karrimor brand is owned by Sports Direct. if you are anywhere near Shirebrook, Mansfield, there is a huge distribution centre with shop attached. They often have returns and brand new kit at knock down prices!
  4. The only thing worse than a walt is a scrounging walt.
  5. Walting as RMP. Surely not!
  6. I am sure its been done before!
  7. Not 100% true. When Karrimor went under a few years ago, Lonsdale bought the name Karrimor for the sport ware and now produce the tat that goes into Sports Direct.
    However, Karrimor SF was sold off as a different brand and run by some of the old school Karrimor lot and still produce good quality kit.
  8. I stand corrected. Didn't realise it was a seperate brand.
  9. But he may want one for half decent reasons. Could be a special, the one group even us STABs get to laugh at.
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  10. Basically I'm a Special Constable and we don't get issued with them.

    The search team guys do as do the dog squad. Or at least they used to. Now my force has decided to go with a cheaper option which I'm not that keen on.

    I'm after the jacket for two reasons. Firstly it looks smart and will keep me dry when on duty. Secondly I do a lot of mountaineering and it would double up as a cracking outdoor jacket.

    I've asked about on my force but no one has a spare (which isn't suprising) they're a bit like rockinghorse shit.
  11. They won't issue with one because you have commitment issues.

    Do you have a utility belt that puts Batman to shame?
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  12. Actually I quite like batmans utility belt. The Chris Nolan version at least, not the camp 1970's version with such amazing gadgets as "invisibility spray" and "shark repellant"

    And I know they won't issue me a jacket, its why I dont have one.

    Oh and believe me, all my ex girlfriends will tell you I've got commitment issues. But we're getting off topic a bit...
  13. The Karrimor SF Enforcer jacket is indeed like rocking horse shit.So no one will be giving them away free. Good kit costs money. The jacket is used by most UK Police firearms officers and is standard issue to the MET Police Firearms officers.

    Just to clear one thing up also. Sports Direct do not own Karrimor SF and you most definately can't buy it from their outlet at Shirebrook. Karrimor SF are the current UK load carriage supplier to the UK MOD. Their patrol pack,60mm mortar, ECM and Bowman radio packs are currently issued and in theatre in Afghan now. The enforcer jacket as well as their vests are used by most UK Police firearms units.

    Chances of getting a "spare" one from someone are as low as they get but if you contact www.pri.uk.com they will be able to tell you where to "BUY" one. They are the Karrimor SF UK distributors.

    Best of luck