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Wanted: IT equipment, any IT equipment.

Doesn't matter how out-dated it is, I can guarantee it will be more up to date than the rubbish I've got at the moment.

In fact, why is it that the Army insists on everything being word processed then totally fails to provide the resources. I'm fed up with, "You can always use the IT suite on the other side of the Regt..." or "Use the clerk's after she's finished this evening...".

On the subject of IT suites: why have rooms full of computers that are used only occassionally and even then only one at a time when elsewhere there are scores of people needing to use them all the time.

Rant over. :-X
How much are you willing to pay for say a computer,printer and speakers??,i think i know someone who is looking to sell theirs mate  ;D
Try writing to a few local companies. After 3 years the kit is depreciated off the asset register and is effectively worthless onthe balance sheet, so many firms write their kit off and throw it out. As they have to dispose of it properly, they often prefer to sell it or give it away.


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Image the head-Line;

Army Front Line to get old cast off computers from civilian companies!

;D  ;D


I was on a course bout 3 years ago, at Signals HQ in Dorset!, good time had by all, what a camp...etc etc.

We were told that they have to "upgrade" their IT Equipment every 6 months to stay in the game, all the old stuff gets crushed, security and all that! - Why the **** isn't it moved around the rest of the units out there?

If you are after IT equipment for yourself, have a look at the MOD deposial agencies, they get rid of loads of it each year.

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