Wanted: issued softie

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by charliecharlieone, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Mine is fecked and as it cannot be exchanged i am hoping somebody may have a spare. Im not likley to get issued another due to leaving very soon.

  2. What the fcuk is an "issued softie"?
    ....... well it gives your thread a "bump".
  3. Ahhhhh! Thanks.
    Poor love must be cold. :(
  4. When were softies "issued"??
  5. got mine from a surplus store. they are all over the civvie stores now but shop for prices.....mine was 40 quid
  6. Somebody must have a couple........amount of tours flying about........
  7. Here you go:

    Bivvy Jacket

    £20 inc VAT.

    Be patient with delivery though, took a fortnight of chasing to get them to post my first order out.
  8. but a warm one!
  9. How things have changed since my day :wink:

    Well in that case, if anyone has a bukshee they'd like to swap for some beers I'd love one. XL please :)
  10. I got issued with a set to go to Iraq in 2003, so more like 5 and a half years now. Not a great bit of kit. Not as warm as a real Softie, and not very hardwaring. Better off with a Buffalo!
  11. The issue bivvy jacket is fine provided you know its durability limitations. I've barely taken mine off over the last month or so. One advantage of reversibility is that any damage is easily rectified by turning it inside-out. They's well toasty. Don't get a Grade 1 surplus jobbie though, as they're invariably tatty or totally mashed.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    So I took a look at that site, the jackets are in M or L only, I presume there is a an XL (or is L as large as it gets). So I'll have to keep searching.
  13. Softie !! (Does look cosey tho)...
    Remember the sleeveless Japanese Fighting Suit ?? lol
  14. Woah hang on smudge.......i was first...........Gents PM if you can help!!