Wanted-Issue Binos

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by tricky_ricky, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking for a pair of bog standard issue bino's as I am being billed for a pair that some pr*ck knicked from me while I had them signed out. (I am being billed for £250, so I will be looking to pay a considerable ammount less to make it a worthwhile deal)
  2. Johnson's of Leeds are a milsurp dealer who sell a lot of binos, including issue Avimos for about £60. They tell me supplies are drying up, 'cos the Army is now re-issuing stuff that was previously BLR'd or marked for disposal!
  3. If you have kit insurance, it will cough up, so do not flap, unless off course you don't have it. Another thing as well, if you manage to find another set of the exactly the same bino's, suggest you get rid of the Ser No. As far as I can remember the Ser No is stamped into the body. You will have to be on very good terms with the RQMS(T) or TQMS, as he will have to CIV the old bino's and CRV the replacement.
  4. Can you "write it off"? A former colleague finally left RM service as a Major a couple of years ago after a few years in reserves, and shortly after he came into work and told me, giggling non-stop, of a formal visit he had had the previous evening regarding various items of kit he had signed for and not returned. It went something like this:

    Now sir, you appear to still have a sniper rifle....no, left behind when I had to move fast in the Falklands. (He was a sniper)
    Now what about the Land Rover.....broke down when operating in enemy territory, so disabled it and abandoned it

    Eventually the MP gave up and signed the lot off as accounted for, despite it being about three pages long.

    So, have you been anywhere that you could reasonably be expected to lose things without it being your fault? Or can you think of somewhere?
  5. They cannot be written off as they are a "Base Repair" item.
  6. Just Face it! As they are a Serialed STARRED Item you are severely fcuked...... Just pay the man.

    Try and re-register a written off pair of binnos back onto the system and see what happens.
  7. If they are the older type (Rommel spec) I saw some whilst shopping down the Portabello Road. For about £20. I haven't seen any rubber ones floating about.
  8. Thank you all for your comments, I shall take them all on board and try all available means to square it away. I do have kit insurance and will use it as a last resort, it only really jacks me off that some theiving little Cheese Dick has got away with it, and I am left to carry the can. But I suppose thats the military system for you.
  9. You might be lucky enough to discover the thief one day. If that happens give him a good hiding. it always makes me cross that this kind of thing goes on. I have always tried to look after my fellow soldiers whenever I work with them or however our paths cross. I have been very fortunate in that in thirteen years all I have had pinched was a packet of smokes but that's all the more reason to feel angry when some scumbag nicks something and stitches you with the bill. You have my sympathy.

    I'm inclined to think that a decent storeman wouldn't be too upset about the extra paperwork if you were able to obtain a replacement set regardless of seriel numbers but then that will probably depend on the storeman.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    No it's not, you left them lying around and now you wonder why some else has picked them up....

  11. msr (moderator)
    So you have never came across an ouright thief before then??? That no matter what you do to secure your kit they will have it away. For instance when I was on exercise I was at the back of my cvrt (which was being used as the Platoon CV) asleep, my kit was stashed away neatly and to hand in the back of the wagon. The next time, several hours and locations later, I reach down from the capola to get my bino's, which I keep in the same place, as with all my kit, I find that they are gone???????? My driver and signaller has no knowledge of where they are???????. But according to you I have left them lying around eh!!!. Do you always carry a secure locker with you when you go on exercise or on operations? Without sounding cheeky or abusive , but have you actially served in the real world in a real unit doing a real job??? !!!!!!
  12. If you still are after a set of bino’s, let me know, found a set on Dartmoor, no real need for them as quite honestly they are pants…….. but think of the pants you could buy by saving 250 knicker………….
  13. how much would you want for them including postage and packaging, cheers matey
  14. Realise that it aint no help but a FOO I used to work for lost his issue opera glasses, the old type before the rubber ones.
    Anyhow one suggestion from the crew was to acquire a set of invertron binos (middle row!!) and hand them in after a landrover had by accident driven over them several times. (Honestly QM they were dropped on the 3 Div rolling replen and we were the first veh through!)

    It worked and he got away with it!