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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ROS, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. ROS

    ROS Clanker


    The Artillery website is having a face lift and the hardest part is finding some good images/phots to put with the regiments.

    We are looking for ACTION shots of Arty kit, not the phot of you in your pit reading some grot mag!!

    If you have any good phots from your tours please send them to rawebmaster at armymail dot mod dot uk

    Please send them with a description, who, what, where and when.

  2. do you want pics from TA RA units aswell??
  3. The CoC have loads of authorised photos - maybe the best place to go to. Also, there will be loads in the Media Centre next door to your office and with Gunner Magazine!

    Can you also make the RA accurate - the photo on the 1 RHA page of the Army.mod.uk website is of a 3 RHA gun! Crow-like error. I know there are loads of photos from TELIC 10 of the AS90s!

  4. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    Yea thanks, I have been next door and they dont have a great deal of action shots nor do the Gunner Mag, plenty of blokes standing round but i'm after good Artillery Action shots....

    What do you mean?

    I have asked (HQ DRA) to start a "RA Photo Comp", this will hopefully generate more pictures for advertising, web etc...

  5. msr

    msr LE

    I am sure an email around the various TA Gunner units (UPRO / RSM /Adjt) will result in a deluge.

  6. The photo on the home page is of a 3 RHA gun (J Bty) from TELIC 1 - not a picture of a gun from 1 RHA.

    The CHestnut Troop or D Bty will have some photos of guns in action from TELIC or 19 Regt or 7 RHA for HERRICK.

  7. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    Mate, if i need a picture of a AS90 to fit the whole, a picture of a AS90 will be used. A 16, 17, 18 year old visiting the site, or anyone else for that matter (not from 3 or 1 RHA) is not going to know where the gun is from. Its all about using images that look good, and that is one of the better ones, if i had other great shots of AS90 from 1 RHA i would use them, but i dont. Thats why i'm asking for guys to send in some good action shots, i dont want pictures of guys standing next to the AS90 looking good :) just great action shots of kit etc....
  8. D Bty had an article in Gunner 2 issues (maybe 3) ago - from Iraq - of AS90 firing at night - cue sexy image of Nasty with muzzle flash.

    The only pics I have (on review) are of sketchy exercises in Germany.
  9. You can tell all guns from 3rd used on Telic 1 because they had their dhobi hanging from the barrels. Cnuts.
  10. Like I said, speak to The Chestnut Troop - they have loads - please PM me if you want their POC.

  11. Maybe you could use this 1RHA gun (Chestnuts)

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  12. I googled 105mm Light Gun in Google Images and got pages of shots, some pretty boring, but plenty to choose from. I was amazed to see pictures of models, NZ forces, and current deplyment. You can search for any gun and come up with good pictures. Hope this tip helps, not so sure on copyright though. Maybe check with legal eagles!

  13. Nice one pug -

    Current Equipment - check

    Action shot - check

    No one standing smiling in front of equipment - bloody hope not!

    Always raises a smile - and has yet to appear in Gunner