WANTED: I need another set of mess dress!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Farmer, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Due to an evening of sports conducted in mess dress, i have suffered severe damage and have decided its BLR!

    Anyone got mess dress for sale to fit:

    34-36 inch waste - 31-33 inside leg
    large waistcoat
    large jacket.

    Im 6 feet 1, 14 stone 4. If you think it may fit PM me a price!

    I dont need boots but waistcoat, trousers and jacket are essential!!


  2. Agree with Bovvy. From my fading memory of Blandford (thank god), there was also a guy in the Offrs Mess that buys/sells Mess Kit as well (not just Offrs). Could give the Offrs Mess Reception a quick ring there.
  3. Yes there is, ring the Officers Mess in Blandford. IIRC he's only in Tues and Thurs
  4. They also have some in the tailors on camp. Try there.
  5. If you can find some "Alice in Wonderland" potion (or a boil-wash) to shrink yourself down to 36" chest, 32" waist and 29" inside leg :omfg: , there's this on fleaBay: