Wanted: helmet desert scrim/net. Top price paid!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by kevster, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Anyone got some desert (i.e. tan) scrim net for use on a helmet or a desert helmet net? Just like the title suggests, I'm willing to pay well over the odds for the right product!
  2. This any good
    Got mine from Here
    £4.44. :D
    It's a gag but it also bumps your request :wink:
  3. Good effort! I think I might get a load anyway and distribute them to the younger lads and desert virgins as maps the next time we head off to the Gulf.
  4. OK, can't resist, why do you need/want it? are you going to sandier climes - in which case, there's loads already there. Or are you going to pretend you've been so you can pose down at the Walt club? :?:
  5. To go with this maybe:
  6. scrim - to blend in with the natural flora of the region?

    Why don't you glue some of this to your lid? :roll:

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  7. Nah, 'just 'cos it winds the RAF Regiment up. Which isn't the only reason I get up in the morning, I'll freely admit. But it IS the main reason.
  8. Yeah that would be fun. Because, by the sounds of your admin, you've been loads of times and already have the right kit from your last tour.... :D
  9. I'm just in the service that 'doesn't get it when you get to theatre' like you army types. We haven't even got two spanners to rub together at the moment, and the only place we get to see things like desert goretex is on the stackers who can't seem to get them for anyone else.
  10. Thanks for getting back to me, but if you check your records, you'll find that I bought two off yourself this week!! And while they were as described, and despatched very quickly- when I got my hands on them they're not exactly what I'm after.
  11. Nope, checked my records and we don't have any customers under the name 'Kevster' is it an alias?

    Joking aside can you describe what your looking for, or at least how it differs from those we sent you?

    RE Stitcher was looking for the classic OG cotton Scrim (beloved scarf of our Airborne forces for over 60 years) is that what you're after?

    Before you get excited he hasn't had any luck yet.