Wanted: Green Berets

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Kalashnikova, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where/if I can obtain royal Marine berets? (for re-enactment group)

    also any good internet links with info and photos?

  2. JB

    JB Clanker

    Unfortunately not. Because Her Majesty's Corps of Royal Marines are descended from the Duke of Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot, and because of the very special circumstances that surrounded its foundation, an Act of Parliament would be required to allow the replication of their distinguishing "outere vestementes". In effect it's a very old form of copywrite with all the force of feudal monarchy behind it, which means it is impossible to buy, sell, or cause to be hired an RM Green Beret. The only way it is physically/legally possible to get one is to attend the RM Commando Course at CTCRM, Lympestone.
    Some re-enactors choose to use US Special Forces Green Berets or Saudi National Guard Green Berets, these can be obtained from the relevant UK Embassies/High Consulates of those counries, prices on application. Afraid I don't have the contact details in the office though.
    Good Luck!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bollocks there are always advertised in online surplus shops.
  4. JB is right. You can actually get a custodial sentence for wearing one in the absence of your 'Entytlement Warrant'. Impersonating a Royal is as illegal as impersonating a police constable.

    Early printings of the Sgt. Pepper album cover had George Martin dressed as a RM Major, and the then Director of Royal Marines, Lt. Gen. Barry Humphries, contacted EMI threatening legal action if this wasn't changed. They folded (against the rebellious spirit of the times), and Martin appeared on later editions dressed as an RASC driver (in No. 1's), which is what he had been in National Service.
    The early copies are worth about £450 each now, partly because of that incident.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  6. Hmmmmm, I had a feeling this may get an interesting response. I assume you've all heard of ' Airsoft'

    Yes I know there's a mixed reaction to it from the forces, but a lot of serving and ex servicemen actually play and have a good laugh doing it.

    The re-enactors I'm talking about are in Ukraine, they are all ex mil guys anyway, so know all too well not to wear insignia ect, but I was asked about the berets.

    My team in Cornwall, dress as Russian VDV paras..(hence the name!).. and the real Brit Army guys love to come along to games and shoot the crap out of the Red Army! , and the insane laughter from them while they're doing it makes it all worthwhile. :lol:

    The replication law is an interesting one and seems to be a bit of a grey area in Airsoft. I can totally understand some people getting pissed off to see the beret and insignia they worked very hard to get being sold to any Tom, Dick or Harry on Ebay though.... :(

    Thanks for your info and help.
  7. It's actually not, when at the correct settings the only time an airsoft weapon can become illegal is when/where it's used - not the fact it ejects BBs.

    The following is an extract of the new legislation but the main aspect which could affect airsoft is in Section 4 as airsoft weapons have the appearance of being a firearm. However the last sentence in paragraph 6 would apply to you.

  8. :wink: :lol:

    Ho ho, highly satirical!
  9. you can dress up as a copper as long as the helmet badge and buttons are fictious, if you wear a Met coppers buttons and badges then you can be done.
    Obviously, dressing up and telling everyone youre a copper is the same as dressing up as a gynae doctor and doing house calls, great fun but highly illegal.
  10. Don't worry, we are all well aware of the replica firearm laws, and all weapons are transported to and from the game site within the law. Where we go is a commercial site (not a bunch of teens harrassing the public) We've had Police checks (one of the coppers is going to come along for a game) we don't want morons with replica firearms running around in public any more than the police do.

    It's the replication of Military units not firearms I was talking about.
  11. What checks have you had?? You dont need a 'check' to own an airsoft weapon or to play airsoft at legally operated sites.

    And i'm not worrying, i was merely pointing out the legislation - should you wish to see it.

    The whole pretending to be a capbadge you aren't (not that i'm suggesting that is what you are doing) is clearly covered under the term 'walt'.
  12. or the Amazon rain forest taken from space?
  13. Not the players, the site where I play had a police check, for insurance and because it's possible for under 18 year olds to play, we had to have a child protection officer nominated.

    Yeah, I can fully appreciate that, My British kit doesn't have any insignia on it apart from a union jack. .... what's a walt? or shouldn't i ask......