Wanted: Generator Mechanics

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by ChristopherRobin, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. We have a developing need for generator mechanics in Afghanistan. Good rates of pay, no BS, tasty tucker.... you know the rest.

    Please send your CV and when you will be available to cv@acg-intl.com.
  2. Good food? In Afghanistan?? Not likely! Have passed this on to 4 people I know, so expect some incoming (emails that is!).
  3. It's not ******* THALES is it? If so, be very careful; they are a bunch of *****.
  4. Happily it isn't Thales. It is a private contract that will be sub-contracted to a UAE-based multi-national. Seriously: a bullshit-free zone. I know the private contractor personally. We're still working the exact timings but this will be a great gig for the right person. You will be a contractor - not an employee.
  5. Can't see it being THALES, they have their current requirement of genemechs (although not enough as I understand it, sobad planning on their part) and they only use certain manpower agencies....and he did say no BS :)
  6. They've just had their generator lead + a few other genmechs binned for drinking on KAIA, they got breathalised walking back to their 'village'. But that's ok as long as their management can get away with drinking most nights it's all good. I used to work for them until a couple of years ago, but fortunately not any more.
  7. Yep, heard about that (but to be honest, that bloke was a pisshead and it did affect what he was doing). They now have some bloke in charge who has little clue about genes, they have 2 guys roaming sorting genes out and a couple of guys doing ACs...and supposedly doing genes. I used to work for them a couple of years ago as well (in KAF), thankfully not anymore as well, but I do hang out with their chaps in KAF. Definitely not the best company to work for and the reason is because the management are French so from day one they have not had a clue as to run such a project.
  8. I think I know you, PM inbound.
  9. Seen and replied
  10. Hi Mr Robin,

    This is obviously very late but if you get any of these opportunities come up in the near future could you PM me please.

    I'm an ex-VM and currently employed as a field service engineer for a major generator hire company. Mainly on FG Wilson with experience with Perkins, Kubota, Cummins and the rest.