Wanted. Full bore rifle shoot in West Mids or close

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Aunty Stella, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Right, when I say "Full Bore" I don't mean being locked in a room with Dale for an hour and then being given a rifle to despatch her.

    Looking for a club or range where I can rent or use a rifle for target shooting WITHOUT me personally holding an FAC (they won't give me one, something silly about me trying to kill my missus on several occassions and of course, the 6 arson charges).

    Regularly attend shotgun and air rifle shoots but the places to go for full bore long range (further than a 25 mtr indoor range with .22 rimfire, even MDN can arrange that) seem to be elusive without joining the NRA and going all the way to Bisley.

    Not looking for a Googled list of ranges I can ring, already done that, rather looking for someone in the know that can point me in the right direction. Oh yeah, in case you missed the title, I'm looking for something within about 30 miles of Brum.

    I'm already standing by for the abuse, as long as I get a couple of real answers then fill ya boots :)


  2. Have you tried Kingsbury Aunty? Vintage shoot happens there, and there is a club that uses it, nice and handy off the Motorway for you too.
  3. Shat that one.

    Brum, I've had bigger shites.
  4. If you've been refused an FAC no club is going to touch you. If it's an attempt at a joke you've just shot yourself in the foot, even if only metaphorically. Sorry.

  5. Good job no one like MDN has an FAC then, considering he is the king of "nastily kill everyone threads". Oh, hang on, he does.

    Luckily, I've never had one and just couldn't be bothered with renewing it due to not wishing to keep them in the house any more due to kids. Oh hang on, I did

    Luckily I have never fired at Bisley but just found it too fucking far to drive. Oh, hang on, I have.

    Good job MDN doesn't have a range licence and has never let me fire on there several times. Oh, hang on, he has.

    Good job MDN's dad, ex olympic shooting coach, owner of range, has never met me and has never let me fire on the range. Oh hang on, he has.

    Good job no section 11's hold shotguns for me. Oh hang on, they do

    Good job I'm not a paid Police consultant with NO record whatsoever that just happens to take the p1ss on this daft thing called the internet. Oh, hang on, I am.

    Luckily for me, not everyone else actually took what was in effect an admission of atempted murder seriously and I have now got the situation resolved and a range to fire on.

    If your reply was an attempt at a joke you've just shot yourself in the foot, even if only metaphorically. Sorry

    Chill Stabby, not every detail (especially the way that I worded them!) is real when typed on here!! It was just the jist of it and the contacts I was after. I didn't actually expect to turn up and say "Hello, Aunty Stella here, attempted murderer and arsonist. Can I have a gun and some pointy things for a couple of weeks on the sly"

  6. That's fcuking bitetastic! :bow:
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wendesbury Marksmen and through them Offas Dyke and the 50 cal club who both shoot regularly at kingsbury, right back to 600. 2 years ago we had a load of midweek evening shoots and ATR Lichfield rolled up on ocaision and played with us!
    P.S. The 50 cal boys used something a little smaller!
  8. Thanks Ugly and PTP and especially thanks Ex_Stab. Biscuits and Gremlin have come forward with some good info as well.

    Was a little bitey wasn't it? :) Apologies for that Stab, especially seen as you were good enough to supply me with a lot of good info via PM.

    Now, will they object if I put a picture of my missus up at the end of the range and ask to shoot at it with .50 tracer?
  9. I hear Newtown, might be a good option.
  10. If you are on about Newtown in Brum, that's just to easy mate. No licence required, targets do tend to fall and then get on the front page of The Scum when hit and range discipline is a little bit "spray and hope".

    New Years eve parties are interesting though.
  11. Whats the fcukign point in Stella going to the range......

    Why not just take a box of ammo apart, throw the lead in the air and the empty cases in the bin.

    He shoots like Hellen Keller plays Ker Plunk.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Now this is the sense of humour that the NRA should have!!!!!!!!!

    Bring back M'boto Gorge!
  13. Donut mentions a shoot where his assesment is actually true.

    It is linked to the day after the "Whats the worse thing you have done when you are drunk thread" where we were chasing each other naked up and down the street 4 hours before being on the range.

    His shooting on that day was akin to Simon Weston entering Miss World and about as accurate as David Blunkett navigating Pen Y Fan after his dog had been stapled to a central heating boiler.

    His dad is a good egg and not a cunt at all, which leads me to believe that MDN is actually the illigitimate son of Marty Feldman. I can't think of any other reason why any fuckers eye could be that far out.
  14. My shooting that day was only question because you wondered why there was only one hole in my target......... yours looked like a mad woman shittiing and we had to get the Weeton duty driver to measure your grouping with the Odometer on his wagon.

    You shoot like Flash fcuks.......... like a man locked in a wardrobe!
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yeah well any fcuker that shoots with a gat that has seven revolving barells belongs in newton with the rest of the spray and pray mob, init!

    from what I hear you couldn't hit a barn door at a 100 yds mate :) and I'm happy to put beer on that one.

    So you up for the challenge :wink: by the way I drink Enville just so you know because you'lll be buying it all night. ( well maybe not all night cause I'm a bloody light weight these days and can't handle more than erm 5 )