Wanted from Afghanistan, Bayonets

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by dante242, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Having been out there in 2005-6 I saw a great deal of German Sawback Bayonets in the two authorised markets in Kabul.
    I am very interested in obtaining some of these and will pay cash for any that come my way, please PM me if you can help, Paul

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  2. What the fcuk for? Do you have an unhealthy attraction for knives?

    What the fcuk do you want with a fcuking bayonet?
  3. Never heard of Op Plunder then.
  4. Nah you dont want those, they look carp in your osprey loops.

    Let me guess, they are available dirt cheap over there, but a tidy sum over here?
  5. What's that SUITS -U.........they look like fish??????
  6. you've got to be a serious head fcuk trying to advertise for stuff like that on a site like this one!!!! dumb ass
  7. Maybe he lives in Manchester and wants it for self protection
  8. hmm im not entirely convinced
  9. Err... Why?
  10. if you get more than one im interested,, nice ww1 butcher bayonets..
    heard of ww1 rifles coming out but,, not the ancilleries..nice with the frog too.
  11. Why? Maybe because if you get caught with a couple of those in your Bergan on the way back from the Stan, it wont be your family your going home to it'll be big bubba.
  12. Those things got banned by the Germans during world war 1 didn't they? Too gruesome
  13. wwi german helmets are also available out there so im told 16s and 18 pat,, with lugs..
    also interested...and before any muppets get going they are for a registered military museum.. ok..
  14. I had one years ago, they are 'pioneer saw' bayonets.
  15. Is there anything wrong in collecting such items?

    Or is the outrage just purely because it is a knife?