WANTED: female (SAA trained if poss...)

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Golf_one_one, May 29, 2003.

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  1. WANTED:

    1 x Female
    into outdoors type stuff,
    can strip the feed pawls out of a GPMG
    good tent and general admin
    able to drink stella and enjoy port
    must also be socialy presentable (tattoos and piercings hidden)

    Good Shag.......
  2. I'm your gal   8)
  3. Well I can vouch for that, apart from the last bit , cos we is mates , (no tongues)

    Here SB, don't tell him you're probably a better shot than he is, it makes mens todgers go small  ;D
  4. in that case - I'm a sh1t shot!!
  5. Oh, and take all your silverware out of the bedroom too, it can be detrimental to a blokes performance.

    So you stuck for an escort for the Ball then?  ;D
  6. So snipes, you can tend to a lightly oiled weapon, luckily I practise alot on my own and have managed to sort the hair trigger.

    I have a problem with sheathing my weapon and prefer it left out to the elements, no matter how moist the surroundings, makes for a better blast from the muzzle when it goes off
  7. Ignore DoNut, he is lying. Only this week he was supposed to turn up with 2 x 12 gauges, a 5.56, a 7.62, a .50 pistol and a Milan (we were, after all, hunting pesky wabbits).

    instead, he appeared with a rusty .22 Daisy air rifle (for which he made me pay for the “ammo”), in the guise of a 'nam M16, spouting the excuse that the thought police had robbed him of his firepower due to the implant in his head giving away our secret plan to assassinate Bill Oddie for his continued support of hedgehogs.

    The only thing Donut knows about weapons is from the arcade version of Resident Evil, and I had to pay for that as well ;)
  8. 1 x Female, low maintainance, GSOH, OHAC... :p
    Likes fresh air and certain outdoor "pursuits"
    Admin.....depends on time of day!
    Has "Special Relationship" with Stella.
    Scrubs up when needed...piercings? I have enough holes!  ;) 1 tattoo, but discreet!
    Good when in front of parents and siblings  ;D

    Lose points over the GPMG, but what you lose here you gain in the "Good Shag" requirement! (Well, I think so!)

    And Im single why........??!
  9. And Im not a BAD shot, but certainly not good enough to give anyone performance anxiety!  
  10. A-R-O, do you have an inheritance?

    Ah what the hell!  You can have me anytime.  I'm sure you can help me to improve my shot ;)

  11. No inheritance that i know of, unless ive got a mad old aunty shacked up in a big house full of cats somewhere stinking of wee, who's gonna pop her clogs and leave it all to me............

    Unlikely I'm afraid......... :-/
  12. I can help you improve your shot Mr Comical.  

    Ok, step 1 -

    take the safety catch off      ;D
  13. I never could follow the Marksmanship Principles.  I've always thought my rifle was an area weapon ;D
  14. Be careful wondering around with a loaded weapon with the safety off, Ive had a couple go off prematurely in NI, luckily no was around to report it could have done the street cred a bit of damage. Not so jurky now I’m back on the mainland.

    Single and Ready

    Ready, Aim, Fire!
  15. seriously though lads, what constitutes good girlfriend material....???

    Please dont just say big t*ts and no morals!!  ;D