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Anyone out there need a JSMEL to run with their exped to anywhere in May?

I have the time and a little cash, so answers on a postcard...
I'm planning a rock climbing exped next year in the uk. Has anyone been on any good climbing expeds recently? Any suggestions would be welcomed. ;)
Can't beat Skye - Cuillin ridge.  Just watch out for the midges.
My personal recommend would be to go to the Costa Brava though... Sella, Echo Valley, Toix, Puig Campana - legendary and also v cheap using charter flights.  PM me if you want details
For Scotland.....

Glen Nevis jist ootside Fort Bill is good, wi' loads ay multi-pitch and good routes fer beginners. It's mair or less roadside, so there's nae tabbin' involved.

If ye need any guidebook info, drop me a wee note.

Midgies are a pain in the arrse there too though.

For Wales....

Snowdonia's no bad either. Get yerself intae Capel Curig Trg. Camp. Ma particular favourite doon there is Foel Grohn, jist ootside Llan Festiniog.

Also, from Capel, a nice wee route for a night-time excursion is Lockwoods Chimney oan the road tae Bedgelert. Best tae dae it when yer pished and wi nae ropes. Take plenty bog roll incase ye s h i t e yersel'.

There's nae climbing in Puffland.......jist Morris Dancin  ;D

Well....no' unless ye fancy waitin' in a queue for polished Grit routes at Stanage  ???


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Just returned from South America.  Try the Chilean Andes.  Awesome


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Tour Rules etc.

The photos are pretty revealing though!
Och.....ah'll read it in "Army Mountaineer" in about a year and a half when they publish it then ;)

Northern Corries fer me this week........  ::)


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Off to the Alps for the next 2-3 weeks.

Hard life this army lark!
There is a little known mountain range on the Spanish Island of Majorca called thr Sierra de Tramuntana.  Led 2 successful expeds there 2001/2.  Have all the info on file and some great pics.  Have the JSATFA and daily Itinerary too.  Its a Trek and climbing package. May/June the time to go and the flights and Minibus Hire is Cheap nowadays.  Rock climbs on the coastal cliff faces and rocks. 75 to 100km trek plus some extras to test the most experienced walker

Highest peak is 80m higher than Ben Nevis and the surroundings are awesome. the Apres Treck and climbing is priceless.  If you are a Germany based unit though, HQ ATG (G) get a bag on cos they want the guys to be beasted.  I more than fulfilled my aims and had a que a mile long for the last trip.  The Gorge walk is nails but the finish is undescribable.  If you're interested in the info, give me a bell. Fallingbostel 2658.  

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