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Wanted: English shotgun

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a side by side English shotgun?

Other details: 12 bore, ejectors, must take modern cartridges, can't afford the big names. Budget by PM

I advise you to take a look through the pages of Gun Mart or any of the other shooting comics, like Shooting Times. If you are buying new, then you are VERY limited to anything English less than the price of a small family car.

If you are buying used, then the sky is still the limit, up to, say £100K or so.



Please remember that even William Evans buys in his guns from Spain and finishes them in Banbury, this apparently makes them English!


The ejectors might be a drama, adds anything up to 300 notes onto what is basically a sound English sbs for what purpose? Fashion that is all!
I wanted a turkish 3" magnum ejector when I started, I ended up with a non ejector aya yeoman for half the price and to be honest apart from the small bores its bagged the most game!


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You need to be more specific on what your budget is.

Your post basically reads like this:

Wanted; Car, must be German, diesel and have 4/5 seats.
I would have to check as it's with a colleague in Scotland (I'm working abroad at the moment), but I am a big bloke - 6'1", long arms and it fits like a glove.
If you really want an English gun, then why not consider a hammer gun..

They are generally at least half the price of a hammerless.. takes a little getting used to, but something a little different, and kills birds just as well..

I have shot hammer guns for years.. would'nt go back...

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