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(repeated in Sapper forum)

I'm in the process of buying a house near SPTA and I got a local builder to recce some jobs. The sod has not got back in touch and I'm threaders with the attitude of civvy builders who think they are doing you a favour by maybe/sometime actually doing some work for your money.

Call me Mr Rose Tinted Specs, but I have generally been impressed by the attitude and professionalism of Sappers, and the Army website claims that your artizans are well trained. So are there any tradesmen (or women) in the SPTA area who fancy a bit of off duty work?

The priority work will consist of a couple of stud walls with plasterboard and drylining/plastering plus door hanging and some electrical switches (subdividing rooms). There is more, but I haven't had the survey done yet so don't know the full scope - suffice it so say that this could be a profitable summer job for several people. I'm hoping to exchange/complete in the next few weeks so this would probably be Jul/Aug time.

Drop me a PM if you are interested (and qualified - no amateurs please).
Get used to it sick of phoning up and asking for quotes only for the turds to never turn up, straight off my list of potential builders and they wonder why Poles are getting the work :evil:

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