Wanted DWR mess dress

I need a set of DWR mess dress. Ssizes are as follows

5' 10 tall
36 inch waist
31 inch outside leg

42 inch chest

If you have a set that is in good nick and reasonably priced (bearring in mind it will be changing slightly in a few months) then please e-mail me on the following

Merlin745 said:
Is it urgent, you could wait till next year when the Yorks one comes into fashion.

BTW which mess, I know a lot of ex DWR seniors
Im in the DWR TA reg and am not in a desperate need for it but i do know a few from the Regular counterpart through PSI's..... before June would be ideal. I have it on good authority that the waist coat and the buttons are the only parts that are changing. Im not paying £340 for a new one, i am from Yorkshire after all

PS Dont anybody let the TA part put you off......

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