Wanted:- Deactivated Webley Revolver

Discussion in 'Officers' started by far-famed_wolf, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I am looking for a Webley Revolver to mount and present to an Officers Mess as the Mess Webley. The idea is that this would be presented each year to the officer who had made the biggest (but still laughable) cock-up that year.

    Any ideas as to where I might obtain such an item?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I have one but it's not de-activated and it's in Cape Town...belonged to my Great-Grandad.
  3. Surely it's not a de-activated one that you want then?
  4. All this weekend - "Military Odyssey" at Kent showground, Detling. Zillions of walts, eccentrics, etc, and a huge militaria fair. All of the big de-act weapon companies will be there. There are also some tanks for sale, if you want a REALLY big Mess present...

    Being a shooter, I can't bear to look at de-acts; but mind you - I quite fancy having a Vickers set up in my living room....
  5. A recent departure from the mess, did exactly that. It was the rubber one highlighted above and his missus quite literally had to smuggle it through customs. It was presented in a wooden box with a cigarette and a box of matches. It now sits on the fire place and is used in the way you have detailed.

    As a replica it is actually pretty good and cheap! If you get a deactivated one it will have to have a white band painted on it, which loses the effect some what!

    Happy Hunting!
  6. Have a lot of Webleys (and quit a few other deacts and black powder guns) at my antiques store in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.
  7. What about a second hand airsoft replica?
  8. An airsoft Webley revolver? Where can you buy them then?

    What do you mean about a painting a white band on it?
  9. TT, deactivated weapons now have to have a white band painted on them to denote visually that they are deactivated. This is the case with weapons that we have as trophies in the mess, AK 47, Vickers Machine Gun (the horror) and a bloody musket! It was an edict passed down from the G4 gurus.
  10. I'm not in the UK so I'm not up on the latest changes to the law, but surely your mess's musket should have escaped this defacement as it is an antique.

    Are you certain that it's the law and not just the whim of some over enthusiastic moron somewhere in the chain of command?
  11. I was considering that we had a job lot of white paint turn up one day, but the man in charge of G4 is the consummate professional and to be fair in the Bn his word is the word of God. Essentially from what I recall unless the deactivated weapon had certification from one of the two proof houses then it had to be marked in this way.

    This is in line with section 8 of the Firearms (Amendment) 1988 act. Though on reading the stipulation from the Home Office it does not refer to the white band. It may well have been an interpretation but I remember trying to chase up the documentation from the proof house and although they had it, there were discrepancies in the details which meant that the weapon (in this case the AK 47) had to be returned to the proof house to be reclassified.