Wanted: Date for Boxing Night

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lady_Mreturns, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello arrsers, guess who's back in town? No, not the boys, but Lady M...tried to log on under another name but the little devils wouldn't let me...doh!
    Long time no hear, I read through my last post 'No sex without love' and had to laugh....yeah I was kind of naive and silly...moved to a new job and new location... done about a hundred rounds with some tough nuts where I am now...had all the crap knocked out of me but just shrug it off now...its a shame to lose your innocence but at least nothing gets past my body armour now days.......sooooo am I still looking for a man? Hmm don't know....I'm still virgin so to speak...might be nice to take a date with me to the Boxing night, which is in December, who knows if I start now I might find something... :? trouble is I'm situated between St Athans and Shrewsbury and it seems like its all brawn and no brains around here ha ha! Don't think any of them would be man enough to take on an intelligent woman!
  2. Aren't you quite close to an agricultural college there must be some beefy nerds there?
  3. If you ply me with Guinness, I'm yours LadyM! ;)
  4. st athan to shrewsbury is a fuck of a long way... please tell me you're not in brecon. i've only read two posts from you and have a hunch why you "couldn't log in under your old account"

    obviously my opinion won't bother you, as i'm all brawn and no brains. :)
  5. Do you shave on the first date? I only ask because I have been out with a lot of hairy women and I think now we are in the 21st century it's only fair if I can ask that question before our first date.

  6. Do you wear jodphurs?

    If so, you may be in with a chance, or click the linky at the bottom of my sig block.
  7. Ok I will take you

    PM me your details and a photo
  8. Ok Dale

    I pick you

    same conditions apply

    and you have to supply all the booze and food
  9. I'm not in Brecon....couldn't log on cos I forgot old password and old email address.......what opinion?
  10. The thing is love would us men want a woman for brains or a quick shag .

    Also do you have the stamina to keep up with us on the job
  11. doesn't matter - see above.

    Mod edt - Reference to troll post removed. Ignore them and they will go away.
  12. Seems like certain people can say what they like on here, swear and be very rude and bigoted and prejudiced and yet if someone i.e. a civil servant comes along interested in honest if heated debate you get torn to pieces like a fox amongst a pack of hounds..??

    What happened to the great british sense of humour? can't anyone tell the difference between tongue-in-cheek banter anymore?


    Your reply was quite brutal has been edited by moderator, but I am puzzled by moderator's post??

    CR I am sooo worried :D about your Aggressive Archie tendencies towards women...that's a joke by the way...but hey come in and sit down and let's talk about it, would you like a brew? biccies? now then, when you said 'fcuk of you silly bitch' does that mean:
    a) fcuk off you silly bitch cos you obviously quite intelligent and my manhood is being threatened...? :wink:
    b) 'fcuk off you silly bitch' I don't understand what you saying and being bit of a neanderthal I can't think of anything better to say'....??? :lol:
    c) 'fcuk off you silly bitch i think you quite cute and i'm just trying to rattle your cage and make you rise to the bait and see just how far I can push you before you burst into tears and/or flounce off in a huff' ??? :D
    d) 'fcuk off you silly bitch I got three ex wives and this is how I talk to all women cos I've been screwed over by all of them and there really aren't any nice ones left in this world' :cry:

    yeah well the replies on here are pretty much bog standard...its a shame that a forum as seen as an opportunity to be rude...stick and stones mate...stick and stones
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Lady M - you've misunderstood - it was a troll who was dragging the thread down. CR merely referred to the troll's post. I deleted this because I think trolls should be ignored. They may then simply go away.

    You are not the troll here. CR is not the troll either. Now carry on and play nicely :)
  14. err.... no.

    duh? what??

    quite an ego you have there...

    you really are bizarre.

    if it's sticks and stones, why did you feel the need to write such a long, dreary post?

    actually, it means i was telling someone else ("lynxsey") to "fuck off you silly bitch." if you want to read her drivel, sign out and view the page again. O2 thieves' posts are not usually displayed when you're signed in.

    now take your paranoia for a cup of tea :)