Wanted: Cute female officer type.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by tedrogers, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Handsome, dashing chap interested in rock climbing, fast cars, and the finer things in life seeks intriguing (female) companion for fun and games. I am quite nice - honest.
  2. Nice one mate, had me in stitches!!!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. No really, - i'm pretty good.

    Should add, as I am indeed a true gentleman, total descretion is assured.
  4. Read: I have a wife and I'm looking for a bit on the side :lol:

    Why officer type female? We might need some more info about you ;-)
  5. Right, listen up chaps (and ladies)

    I obviously can't tell you where I am or what I do, however I can confirm that I am single.

    As you can tell from the post i'm not looking for some worrying dominatrix type.

    The post is pretty accurate. I'm very obsessive about mountaineering and outdoors stuff.

    When it isn't breaking down I drive a classic sports car (which looks faster than it is).

    I'm always up for an adventure and get quite bored (i.e end up getting in trouble) when i'm not doing much.

    I'm qualified in Architecture, but don't do that anymore.

    Weeknights I go to a kick boxing class, not really my sort of thing, but the guy I go with got himself beaton up by a girl at his first class, so I go so he doesn't feel too insecure.

    Crux of the matter is i'm fed up of going out with girls that are either macho nut cases or the other end of the spectrum completely.
  6. Hang around till this evening and go into chat. There's loads of easy birds in there. Can't guarantee the quality of them, though.

    P.S. Drop the I'm a gentleman act. We know that it's not true. :wink:

  7. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure the above would prove difficult in a relationship! ;-)
  8. Why don't you go to Sandhurst, there are loads of them there (granted they aren't officers yet but give them time and they will be) and you can take your pick from the best minds and most robust bodies of their generation.

    Obviously you will be competing with a every other cadet there but hey! You sound like a top bloke so you should do just fine!

    I know it's "high intensity pulling" but nothing ventured!

    So what's the car?
  9. Not sure I can reveal that(the car) it's quite noticable. Do any girls actually read this forum, i'm getting quite worried by the male company here!
  10. It may be that they're put off by a guy who can't say what he does, where he lives or what car he drives.

    In fact the only thing we do know about you is that you go to Kick boxing classes and own a set of nun-chakkas (how do you spell this?) and also some throwing stars no doubt ( OK I made that bit up ).

    I may be wrong but given the general tone and style of chat on the boards here I think your probability of meeting up with some winsome Int Core stunner with perfect manners, a laugh like summer rain, knickers from La Perla and the Bedroom habits of Madonna (the singer not Mum-of-God) are reasonably low - OK I'll level with you - it's not going to happen.

    (If you are a winsome Int Core stunner with perfect manners, a laugh like summer rain, knickers from La Perla and the Bedroom habits of Madonna (the singer not Mum-of-God) by the way I'M YOUR MAN FORGET TEDROGERS - I'M THE ONE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR)

    But still we can always talk about your car......

  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    Don't worry about the 'male' company :wink: you will get use to them after a while!

    As for looking for posh totty, try here, well maybe not so posh!
  12. You have more chance of getting your car fixed that anything else. Good luck
  13. The cars a TR7, I'll post some photos if you like. But i'm lacking the hi res satelitte images that all those int corps beauties that are reading this would like.
  14. Ah poor Tedrogers
  15. Im guessing this is how you visualise yourself?

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