Wanted: CS95 Shirt in MTP

Help! Can anyone help a chap on tour with a 95 shirt in MTP? Ideally a nice new one, but worn will do.

Will pay, or make a donation to a charity of your choice!

Size 180/100.


I could do with one too if there's anyone out there willing to flog me one (or swapsies or whatever)
You can wear em in Brunei because the Gurkha's had em issued on tour.
At the moment, I believe we are the only regiment that wears the MTP jacket tucked in with the sleeves rolled up!
Give Prince Harry a shout, I've just saw him on the news wearing one. It looks pretty new as well.
Because I'm about the only fool at my location without 95's for wearing when not out on the ground.

So, please, can anyone help!
Anyone? There's money at stake!
I've a good few sets but then I was issued them, so you can whistle for em. If you were supposed to have them then you too would have been given them by one of those thoroughly nice stores chaps

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