Wanted - Combat Vest

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by demarcation, May 18, 2005.

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  1. Wanted - Combat Vest - preferably UK Mil issue as opposed to Webtex etc. Brit DPM only - will accept used if in good nick.
  2. I have a vest which you can have for a tenner.

    it's not issue it's a rather good one from marks and spencers. white cotton 42" chest (getting a little tight on me these days) guaranteed worn in combat.

    used but in good nick.
  3. Can't you read? The title of the thread is COMBAT Vest. demarcation if you are still interested in a combat vest I have one which I bought from ebay genuine SAS/PARA/CDO/Double Hard b'stard issue. It is a string vest in British DPM 46" chest (I have streached it a bit around the belly) complete with "PARA's do it under silk" embriodered on the back. I am asking £450 (as it was worn by H Jones and Andy McNabb)
  4. Mine has been worn in combat it was also used as a bandage when I got my willy caught on a bit of barbed wire. the blood stains came out but the willy never recovered.
  5. I've got one that I liberated from our QM whilst his back was turned. Comes with 3 mag pouches so you can use two for mars bars and kit kats. The map pocket is ideal for combat porn, but make sure it has been waterproofed before hand, just incase you need to do a river crossing. Fablon works well.

    I have a few pictures of me wearing it naked with a cheeky smile if you wish to see it before you send me a cheque for the asking price of £500.



    Yes it has seen combat. I took my wife from behind whilst wearing it in Colchester once.
  6. On a serious note I have aquired an assault vest which is a bit on the small side and i find it restrictive. You can have it for what I paid. It's in Brit DPM and is like new. fifty quid. (will only fit up to about a 40 inch chest. Any bigger and it seems restrictive.) Am not sure what make. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Assault vest is now sold.