Wanted! class 1 infantryman badge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by qoycavman, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know if the class 1 infantryman badge exists for no 1 dress?

    And if so where I can get hold of one by early january?

  2. CQMS?
  3. If you knew my CQMS you would know how silly that sounds...
  4. I have never seen one for no 1 dress
    don't think it exists I may be wrong though I often am......................
  5. It doesn't exist as far as I am aware. I wore it on my twos but not on ones. I have worn ones a number of times.
  6. ditto if your user name is owt to go by we dont wear no steekin badges, not even SAA ones!
  7. does anyone know if this is still worn when transfering from infantry to a non -infantry unit as you would still be a qualified class1 infanteer
  8. Yes you can until you become a class 1 in whatever trade you are in. If you have a trade badge from you new unit and it goes the same place on your uniform then you have to remove it and fit the other badge, However if you are in the AMS then no you can't wear it.
  9. If you transfer out of the infantry you officially relenquish that qualification, if you want to wear the badge dont transfer. If you want to transfer then get over it and get on with your new trade.
  10. Is this the badge that consists of some laurels and a bayonet, worn lower arm? (or something similar?)

    An oppo (RE) wears this still on his No 2s from his Infantry days. He says he is still entitled to wear it although he's now RE not Inf. Nobody has questioned him and senior management have agreed he can wear it.
  11. Yes he can still wear it. I am in the RAMC and for obvious reasons I can not wear it anymore. If he has a qualification badge from the Engineers that goes in the same place then he has to remove it. It can be worn on your number twos and the jumper but nothing else.
  12. Seeing as how you can't find one, I don't suppose it really matters whether you can wear it or not?
  13. Well if he could wear it and can't find one he would be fcukin' frustrated, but at the moment he is merely frustrated...
  14. No you don't!