WANTED: clansman 5.4m mast kit

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wireless_barf, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. ok, i'll get the nerdy bit out of the way first, im a radio ham, and need a mast for portable operation,

    Im looking for one of the 5.4m fibreglass patrol mast kits, that were used with clansman.

    DOes anyone know where i can get these cheap, or have one they dont want that they would be willing to offload? Im really skint im afraid but can go up to about £40 inc. postage, or collect if close to Selby/Leeds?doncaster!

    There is a fella floggin them on ebay, but im trying not to use him on principle cos he's in the next town but refuses to let me collect it, and his postage is extortionate!

    Eventually, i'd like a couple of these masts, and a couple of the 8m version, if anyone has anything

    If you can help, please PM

  2. Have you thought of useing a Roach pole telescopic fishing rod, or the telescopic flag poles the sell in caravan shops, most are made out of carbon and are about 5mtrs long
  3. yes, been looking at them, but they wont hold a decent sized beam up. Not in any kind of poor weather anyway
  4. thats the fella im trying to avoid on principle! he lives right on my commute to work, but refuses to allow a pickup. ANother colleage wanted to inspect a 319 he had before bidding but the point blank refused to prove it worked
  5. Try Army Radio Sales Lots of good stuff and made me quite nostalgic!