Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Dale the snail, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Poppy and I need a holiday. Has anyone a cheap gaffe we can stay in, in a hot place, near a beach, so we can frolic and abuse men to our hearts content?
  2. Cheap flights going to Basrah Dale
    Guaranteed hot weather and plenty of men for you two to abuse i'd hazard :wink:
  3. That was almost funny for you.

    Anyone got a place in Florida for me and Poppy to abuse? Ballbag? Where are you when I need you?
  4. Gutted, was hoping to reply before someone commented on Iraq but the upgrade on maint got in the way (lol)
    Anyway here is my reply to you

    I hear that there is plenty of spare accommodation down in a remote part of the Middle East if you are after a cheap holiday. Umm Qasr is in a prime location which offers all-inclusive holiday packages for the over 18’s, including free flight transfers and sight seeing tours.
    Please note most hotels or apartments ask customers to vacate their rooms between 10am and 12 midday. For late afternoon or evening flights, and late check out rooms may be available upon request. Please see your holiday rep for your holiday choice options on accommodation and don’t forget to ask your travel agent to check the Travel Advice section for up-to-date advice and for the latest information on your destination.
    Of particular note are the beaches that surround Umm Qasr. So dazzling are the waters and so white are the sands that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re in the Caribbean. Although I’m not too sure if the beach is open yet, but this superb holiday will leave you with a taste of wanting more, so sure that you will want to return again and again!!!!
    Are you looking to take a little something of Iraq home with you? Then head down to a street market and pick up some of the local produce. From honey and sweets to cheeses and charcuterie, there’s plenty on offer.
    For more information regarding this exclusive deal, please contact your nearest ACIO.

  5. I tried the Shatt Al Arab once, it was dog toffee. The bidet was broken and I had to go for a pooh in the portaloos because the bog wouldn't flush. Revolting..

    I was distraught.
  6. I spent 2 weeks last month in the Dominican Republic.
    Stayed in the Fun Tropical hotel which was only a 5min walk from the beach and all inclusive. I’d highly recommend it.
  7. That's a different story to what you told me.

    You said it was pooh pooh and the waiters wouldn't give you any.

    Ctautch, get us some cheap flights. Be a mate. (Even I though I am not allowed to go - ha ha ha ha)
  8. [abuse men to our hearts content?[/quote]

    Heard through the grapevine you did enough of that on Friday night?? ruined the dinner night for some
  9. I've got a Basha that you can borrow
  10. 8O 8O

    She wasn’t drunk ‘n disorderly was she?? That’s not like Dale :wink:
    Spill the beans and win a prize
  11. Drunk? Disorderly?

    was it round about breakfast time?