wanted CBA plates

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by dinky123uk, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi lost my plates for cba fu@kin genious that i am anyone willing to sell me a set. if so get in touch or advise were can find some at reasonable price
  2. Do you want any old ones of dubious history or ones that are in working order and might save your life at some point down the line?

    For the latter, go to the QM and take the bollocking like a man. For the former, proceed to Ebay...
  3. how much you willing to pay?...........
  4. How the hell did you loose JUST the plates? I only take mine out when I clean the cover.

    But aye, I wouldn't risk buying buckshee when it comes to CBA/Plates - could end up regretting it later down the line!

    If you don't value your life that much then http://www.specialforceskit.co.uk/store/iniba-plateside-plate-p-643.html there you go.

    Reckon you'd save some money going to the Q-man though.

  5. And one day you will will have to hand them in - for some other poor fecker to use them. I'm not in any more but right is right and wrong is wrong!
  6. First a Pre 1995 Deactivated SA80 and now CBA plates. Your what next your own WMIK 8O

    Best advice as already said go and see the QM
  7. I've lost a SAXON before today... Try getting one of them fcukers on EBAY.
  8. Just stuff the pockets with bits of Weetabix box; job's a good'un.

    Note: that's Weetabix, not Shreddies.
  9. Dinky,

    Think I've got a set of CBA plates knocking around. PM me if interested and I'll look into digging them out.
  10. Fair 1 m8 shocking admin
  11. But you can get a Saxon at Withams though..lol
  12. Luckily I "Found" mine. It had been moved by the OPFOR whilst I was on a 'Choccy Run' back into camp and the lads who witnessed this allowed it as it was "Rather amusing".