Wanted, buckshee Royal Marine!

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Sadly my usual Iranian supplier is fresh out of Royals...no perhaps I had better start on a lighter foot if I want assistance?

Could a reasonably grown-up Royal Marine PM me, as I want to ask a question which might have PERSEC/OPSEC issues if asked in open forum?

Unfortunately my main source of RM lore has fecked off to Kazahstan for six months on a gas or oil exploration contract, curse him gently! so if anyone feels helpful to an ex-29 bod, can you help please.
He might be free, but he'll come with baggage (according to a friend of mine who was engaged to one, even taken by him to the Mess in Poole, only to find out he's married with a wife in quarters in Plymouth!)
as long as he can answer my question he can have "three ex-wives, a sly-grove dive, a special file marked utterly vile and an embalmed corpse for a necrophile..."
Maybe he can't get anyone to do the job? Or perhaps his last applicant's "honesty" based campaign with it's strap line "Who's cnut? Max Clifford's a cnut!" failed to wet his whistle?
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