Wanted - Bubble Machine

A bubble making machine that I can stick in the garden, switch on and leave it making bacon flavoured bubbles for the dogs.

I have the bacon and the BBQ chicken flavour bubbles already.
You two watched the C4 programme with the dog trainer chick, I was also mightly impressed by the bacon bubbles!
Has anyone else wondered what kind of effect a couple of these would have had on the cartoon protesters?
manchestercop said:
I was also mightly impressed by the bacon bubbles!
Figures :wink:
In case you are interested, I bottled some sunday roast bubbles earlier from MrDarthspud's bath water. Essence of roast pork, stuffing, cauliflower, apple sauce and yorkshire pudding. with a hint of lemon meringue.....
Will happily sell them to you and Filbert :D :D

Edited to add, aroma of roast Darthspud :)
They did have the machines in Wilkinsons ..... (no I didn't say that!!!! .... I only shop in Harvey Nic's!!!) for £7.99 around Xmas time. They are great!!!
Argos had dropped the price down to £4.99 but obviously sold out after the programme on the telly.

Thanks for the Bong Gunny, should come in handy for my 'dogs'! :wink:

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