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I've been looking for a pair of these, UK size 10, for the last couple of months to replace a well worn pair that I took around the world with me last year.

Smaller sizes are going on eBay for £15 (+ £5 p&P) but I've not had any sight of size 10.

If you have, or can lay your hands on, an unused pair for the same price (ish) please PM me and we can exchange details.

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Not quite the same thing.... but close

Ghillie Desert Boots
Sorry for high jacking another person's post but thank you for posting this info.

I had numerous pairs of those type of desert welli's in the 70's and 80's, (That's the 1970's/1980's before anybody suggests the 1800's).

Served me well with the bomber style jacket, ice blue Wrangler jeans and Squadron sweat shirt/rugby shirt etc. (A sort of in civvies's but still in a form of uniform look as seen at all Garrison Towns).

I found that the boots tended to stretch a little so try on with a thin sock and when they stretch wear a thicker sock.

Idea foot wear when you were the Duty Driver at night in a out of the way location or on light duties for foot injuries (worn instead of Indian Rubber Tarmac Slapper's complete with a biff chit signed by a 'Naive Junior Doctor').

I think I may order a pair now to make a change from wearing the Magnums and Doc Martins.
I used to buy two or three pairs while on leave in UK, which would last for about 8 months each and then get ditched; Clarks, for about £12. I see that their current offering is £150, for no apparent rise in quality (sole still looks the same). In many parts of the ME and Africa a local will bespoke-make them for you for far less. A pair of good Courteneys is worth the cash, though.

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