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So far no-one seems to have become tremendously upset by the existence of ARRSE, but if we want this to continue I think we need to apply just a touch of fun police enforcement.  The board is growing quickly and there's no way that the small band of determined men involved in starting it can keep track of all the posts.  Therefore, I'm after volunteers to become 'moderators.'  This is a function which allows designated users the ability to delete posts from specific boards.  We'll do the nightmare 'Int' board.

Any volunteers?


I was always advised against volunteering but if you really want to scrape the botom.....of the barrel, I'm free!! ::)
Well I can help if you want but I'm not sure how much use I can be to you

I dissappear for 2 or three days most weeks but if that isn't a problem, I'd be pleased to help out


No probs - not an arduous task.  Just someone people can complain to if necessary.

Thanks for the help and which board do you want?
CO...I'll take RLC as it's my cap-badge.


Thanks again - you're all on.  Slight hitch: the board doesn't seem to display anyone with long user names as a moderator when in the home page overview - there's just a blank.  All volunteers so far have been added so you should be able to delete at will!  
oooooh the power of life or death over a post :D

I assume you've only changed it in the sapper board or did you get another willing volunteer for the TA board?

not that I'm now on a power trip you understand ;D
I suppose you need someone who knows his 5/16 from his 3/8AF for the glorious (if slightly underemployed) REME board ??????

But until such a person presents himself I would be more than happy to bluff the job.

p.s. I presume that the reference "no-one has been tremendously upset yet" implies that certain JCSC personnel should be refered to as "no-bodies" ???
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