Wanted: Black NI Patrol Daysack...

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by ExScaleyBleep, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Ladies and gents, after scouring umpteen websites looking for one as in the link below and being far too tight to fork out £85 of my hard earned wonga, I was wondering if any of you chaps or chappesses on here have one that you no longer need or want.

    Im willing to pay reasonable money and obviously postage however it must be black..

    Cheers and thanks !

  2. did they ever make a black version of that????
    i had the clothing out there but we never got any black gaysacks.
    plenty of the military issue black ones on fleabay.
  3. Hi Knocker.. yeah they did/do make a black one.. Silvermans does one for £85.. but Im reluctant to pay that unless I really really have to...
  4. The deployment issue ones prior to the Karrimor SF? What would he want one of those for? They're crap.
  5. never said they were any good, did i???? ;-)
  6. Yeah Ive seen the new ones and to be honest, not heard a vast amount of good things about them.. I had a DPM one years ago but had to hand it back in (grrr.. over zealous storeman !!) .. the only other thing is if I buy a DPM one and spray it black.. which is my second option.. however, having never done this and considering its going to be used on my bike amongst other things, Im not sure if this would work too well...

    Thoughts ??
  7. had blokes spray them sandy colour for telic & they seemed to hold up ok.
  8. Don't the crabs get a black daysac on issue ?
  9. I have no idea.. I dont know any crabs to ask to be honest....

    And its the old adage... "I like what I know and I know what I like..." ... that NI daysack was a great performer IMHO.

  10. and so was the SAS bergan complete with manpack radio frame, in its day...

    I like the NI daysack but, especially if you want something black (and not a mess), have a look at the North Face range. A lot more comfortable IMHO.
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  11. They are pretty much the same as the pre-Telic toss we got issued apart from the BFO RAF Badge emblazoned on it.
  12. I brought a OD Karrimor Sabre 30 from Sports Direct some years back and its going well. I noted the other day they had the same model and the next one up in but in black for around £10+, heavily discounted from the normal price.
  13. Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys... however I have now sourced and acquired the aforementioned daysack .... Mod's can this thread be locked now ? Or deleted ? Or whatever you do to it ?

    Thanks again...
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