Wanted - Bagpipes

I am after a decent set of pipes and I believe the issue sets are good.
Any advice from pipers on here about buying pipes, makes of pipes and where to get them would be greatly appreciated.
Is there a few surplus hanging aroung from the Scottish Regiments amalgamation?
Mother I have tried sourcing another set for myself (for my son) with no joy, good luck.

May I suggest to stay away from the 'Pakastani' pipes, those made in Pakistan funnily enough, they are nowhere near the quality of those made in the UK/Europe, also only go for African Blackwood, avoid, cocus wood, shesham wood, rose wood etc... All Pish!

Where are you posted/living as there may be a band local to you who may help?




War Hero
I might have an old bag you can have (wind is self generating) if you like - you can stick your own pipes in her - normally leads to a volmue increase of sorts :) But still the same old bag and screech!

Good luck in your quest :)


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