WANTED Bacon Grill for Fat Lass

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by blessed baby cakes, May 1, 2006.

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  1. I've been asked to get a friend some Bacon Grill......

    Any idea where I might find it?

    Tried all my local haunts, Tesco Metro, Sainsbury Central, and Waitrose....

    Starting to panic a wee bit!

    Please help! i don't ask you b'astards for much so come on!

    Bacon Grill needed Central London.


    Above is a picture of the main suspect.

    Cheers Beebs x
  2. I've seen it in Tescos in Southampton, maybe Gilly will post you some!
    Is it on the Tescos web site? it'll be expensive but maybe they'll deliver it for you?
  3. Co-oP Stock the stuff
    Our local one always has it and I have seen it in several others.
    If you get really stuck I could Parcel Force half a pallet or something....... :lol:
  4. Your friend wants some yeah right tubby you want to smear our self in it and munch pies.
  5. Make your own.

    Equipment needed: Press, calving knife, 10 bin bags, tin closing machine

    Ingredients: Anya1982

    Lure your prey into a room by leaving a discarded plate of pie and chips on a table, no need to be quiet when sneaking up to lock her in, she will sound like a slutch pump troffing her winnings.

    Now the grim bit: you need to get her stripped off..... better if she does it herself, save you any heavy lifting. If she protests zap her in the tits with a tazer.

    Calve big lumps off her gargantuan arse and store in a cool dry place, depending on how much you need crack on........ all the waste blubber and useless stuff will easily fill ten bin bags, dump these in random dustbins all over the place.

    Scoop under her norks, pits and between her feet for that gopping pie jelly and lob it in your pot of piggy grill.

    Pre cook it in its own juice, there is planty of lard to go round.

    Get in touch with Sainsburies, I reckon you could fill twelve stores with the produce, then get in touch with the members of arrse to claim your reward for calving up that cnut :D
  6. MDN,

    Can I baggsie one of her bingo wings, as I have promised Sir Bob Geldof one so he can feed the starving children of Africa with it.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Lidl's do the stuff that's the closest to what we used to get & Plumose do it in the small round tins. I get it from the Centra store or Spar.
    I think Costcuters do it as well.CoOp definatly do.
  8. Can your friend not shop!?
  9. Do they have a spar shop in prisons?
  10. Thanks to all.

    MDN the recipe sounds fine; the flaw in your plan is the distance. Do I need a licence to import? :?

    ST Take your angry head to the bedroom and beat it, you might like to think bingo wing when you get to the tickley bit! :D

    Marky didn't you get b*tch slapped the other night in chat for being a gobby git? Not only gobby but also nosey! :roll:

    IMHO Bacon Grill should be a luxury food item in prisons earned by bare knuckle fighting to the death for the entertainment of the staff and as a supplement to the staple diet of bread and water. :evil:

    So Costcutters, Spar, Co-op, Lidl and Tesco... Failing that I'll get back to you Jagman.... I need it in the next week or so.

    Beebs x
  11. £1.05 in Tesco + £3.99 for delivery by 11:00 on Wednesday.
  12. He can but she needs 4 ton of it.
  13. My fridge..I opened a tin last night
  14. LIDL 69p (I think) the best Bacon Grill outside a 10man ration pack