Wanted -Baby Sitter for Leanne

The resident scrubber is back from her jaunt. She'll be looking forward to some time 'scrubbing' down Pompey, so if anyone is free for a month she'd like a baby sitter to look after the kid. Her mum was doing it for a while, but she's just got 6 months for fencing stolen goods, so there's a vacancy :twisted:
I get the feeling that your stalking me dear! U just can't deliver a post without bringing my name up on it! I'm too womanly for you dear, you need a bit of masculinity in your life, like a Dawn French type, or even the website.... imabigfatyetty.com! They have some oversized sweaty blokegirls on it that might suit your taste love. :lol:
P.S Not from the South dear! Try the North West...... Your obviously stalking me in the wrong part of the Country.
Mighty used to babysit whilst serving in the AAC. I'm sure he'll help you out. Plus the rumours of what he did to the young girl are completely unfounded.
I was stitched 8O
Leanne, I'm sorry. I thought you were scrubbing down at Marchwood. I didn't know that you were scrubbing at Fleetwood. Never mind eh.

PS. If I was ever to stalk you..........it would be with an elephant gun dear. :twisted:

Are you in Fleetwood Leeanne, if so I'll decline the gumming you owe me, it stinks of fish :D


Leeanne I for one am pleased to be reading posts again that get the better of MA :lol:
As it was in the beginning
........................................................ :lol:
She'd have to get up very early in the morning to get the better of me. Mind you, that shouldn't be a problem for her seeing as she sleeps on a Fleetwood park bench.

Lippy, you can stop sucking on that lemon now.
I'll have you know Fleetwood happens to be a nice place my dear Ma, I have actually spent a weekend there, which I hear, is Paradise compared to any of the resorts you have been found to visit!
In fact, it just so happens that you have'nt a bird to tag along with you to visit these beautifuly sculptured beaches of the North. Do'nt worry darling, you can have a sure glance of the golden sands of Blackpool that will sure as hell be on the web somewhere just to see exactally wot your missing out on.... Poor little Monkey! :oops: :lol:
Leanne is an attraction at pleasure island!! you buy the ticket and you get a ride!! you dont always need a ticket though! :lol:
having been away from a glorious homeland for awhile now ...................... who is leeanne and .........

is she a good sh*g :?:
Well hello there Ma, er...I mean Baddass, Is that as in baddass gangsta or is it that your ass reeks of spunk or wot? I mean come on, could you not have picked something more original? Still, if it makes your putrid little existence that little more interesting then you carry on....mate! :roll:

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