Wanted - Artillery Command Systems Personnel

This is a desperate cry from a manstrapped trade.

My crew is severely understrength.  If anyone has any ACS qualified personnel (fire orders trained if possible)stuffed into their top draws or just generally in the wrong slot in the regiment.  Please pop them in the post and send them to:

The Detachment Commander
Battery Command Post

Like Glasgow i will promise them the higher payband for their technical qualifications when i can be bothered to get around to it so they can watch as someone else gets all the pay for an easier job.

Cheers.  "The DC"

I am currently in an air defence regt but not trainned in their specialist trade. But I am qualified in their signals side of things which will include ACS come March next yr. I see more of a future in the CP then in the detachments.
M_O you are one of a dying breed ACS personnel (Trained correctly) throughout the Artillery are extremely thin on the ground.  It makes my (and no doubt every other CP DC) life harsh.
ACS is the single most important trade within the Corps!! If there were no flaggies nobody would move, get fed, fire a single round or take a shit!!

Its about time the boys at Glasgow realised that if they dont sort the pay out, we just f**k off and do something else!!

and spare a moments thought for all the Strike Sgts out there who apparently dont do enough work to warrant the same pay as a Bdr or LBdr!!

Something is wrong and it needs sorting now!!!!!
Glasgow doesn't decide who is on what pay band, it merely implements the policy handed to them. Of course, they do like to fcuk it up now and then just for a laugh! :twisted:
:evil: another trade merger thing gone wrong, equals more work less pay , with blokes who always leave when they see their mates promoted faster than them. will bowman make this better, or will we see an even smaller crew (DC plus Officer)
BOWMAN will make most of the gunner regiment revert to old school voice fms that is until we get another add on system to play with. Will we be able to move a little better in the CPs i doubt it.
"We are borg, resistance is futile"

The Hive spreads.......
The sooner the Royal Regiment can find men and women of a suitable calibre(!) to deal with the newly commissioned "beyond advice fuckwits"- you know who you are - then the sooner they should hit higher pay bands in ACS. I would say now is a good time - if there was a chance of seeing a gun in the near future :cry:
ACS = Anally Challenged Shortpeople :twisted:

Why has that mast only got the middle and upper guys on?
Well there's a few ACS people being posted from 22 but most are being re-roled into strike as theirs no slots for them, any offers two crates of your best for a level 2 operator, 4 crates for the old basic flaggy.
Nope, never was a bunny, I don't drag my knuckles along the floor and I wash and shower twice a day, not once a month. I actually started out in MT.
Ah right! So you were a bell end to start with and then turned into a tosser?

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