Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by redrat, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. hi , i want to know if anyone wants to give away some biscuits and oatmeal ration packets from the army rations pack , the reason is im doing a world war 2 display and british army ration biscuits have changed very little since then , i know cadets and soldiers alike tend to not eat these or through them away so i would be happy to cover postage charges for your troubles , thanks anyway ,dean
  2. Tend not to eat them!!!! I love these!!!!! Wait thats and understatement, I adore them. If they were a person I'd bag off with them in a second. Unless I saw a hamburger and beans boil in the bag in which case I'd probably cheat on the biscuits I just married and get it on with these instead. And oatmeal!!!!! Mix it in with the hot chocolate and you have chocolate porridge, no complaining from me!
  3. If you love the biscuits, does that explain why you were repeatedly the winner of the biscuit game?
  4. Hi redrat,

    Why not try this link:


    They stock wide varieties of menues of both UK and US rations as and when they become available.

    Another tip for you, type in 'Army Rations' on the ebay search engines and you will find equally, ten man ration packs etc which appear from time to time.

    As you are a re-enactor, you will find on ebay those who will recreat complete ration packs for you from any period from Army's all over the world, NAZI ration Packs, WWI rations, even rations from the Crimean War!

    Like you I share a love of oatmeal blocks and wish I could find them in Civvy Street, along with those other wonderfully useful reclosure lids for half-eaten tins, which are very useful if you live alone.

    Best of luck old chap.

    Regards and bestd wishes
  5. Can't help with authentic-tasting oatmeal blocks (hiking shops sell similar, but not quite identical) but the reclosure lids (in a range of colours) can be got in pet shops. But why only eat half a tinful - surely, if it's nice, you'll eat all of it?
  6. As a substitute you can use those babies biccis, "Farleys Rusks" (sp?) which is essentially what the oatmeal block is!
  7. ive got a pack
  8. OMG I'm starving now! My girl friend gave me a look of disguest a while ago when she saw the tale tale pnik/red foil package by an empty mug of tea... She know's not of what she says!!

    I think it's 3am egg Banjo time!

    T C
  9. No way - 'biscuits fruit' are the best biccies ever invented!!!
  10. Hi appears i was wrong you all love them , il just have to keep on hounding cadets , thanks for the link
  11. Spent a couple of months in Chad recently and managed to quag a couple of Frog ration packs. One is forced to admit the jammy barstewards live pretty well....

    Just checked out the British ration packs on the aforementioned site. Seems your mob are also well catered for. Has to beat the old Saffer tinned puke and landmine cow (mixed veg and bully beef).