WANTED - army form/ locally produced document templates

Hi to all! I am putting together a pack to assist my junior clerks in their day to day admin tasks, a bible of sorts if you will. To save me having to recreate every form in digital format for them when llangenech runs out I would be grateful for any digital examples folks already have. I will take anything and everything! you can send your zip files etc. to the following email address = laptop_kid@hotmail.com I will of course be sharing the finished pack in the download section for all to use. so get digging. Many thanks in advance. :)
OK, been and investigated. Not a bad site but its obviously in its early days. The forms section is, I am afraid to say inadequate. I dont want to sound ungrateful, as I did say I'd take anything but it requires the downloading of a program that would be forbidden by the unit ITSO making it unusable on unit IT. So the search goes on!
whatever happened to adobe?? keep the suggestions rolling guys, and thank you again!


There is a cd that has all the formats on, unit badges etc and allows you to create your own database of addreses. YOu choose the sender, ie coy cdr, ssm etc and hit the tit for whatever you want-it formats the rest. You have the relevant toolbar in word as well. My copy is a pirate, but I think it is an official thing-anyone know how to get hold of it officialy?

I just tried to log into clubarmy and I am not on the database-that must mean I do not exist-for this reason I am intending to sod work this afternoon and go for reading the paper :D

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