Wanted- Ammo Pouch,and Utility Pouch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jerrycan2793, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. I go on course on the 4th and my local Surplus store seems to have a deal on with Webtex, Im looking for issued ones.

    Any help in the Hull/DST Leconfield Area?
  2. If you go through Chester area to get to your cse I can sort you out.
  3. Im travelling on the 3rd

    10:37 Beverley [BEV] Sheffield [SHF]12:20
    12:27 Sheffield [SHF] London St Pancras (Domestic) [STP] 14:37
    14:37 London St Pancras (Domestic) [STP] London Waterloo [WAT] 15:28
    15:30 London Waterloo [WAT] Fratton [FTN]16:59
    17:04 Fratton [FTN] Cosham [CSA] 17:13

    any of those places near chester?
  4. Is it a map reading course? If so, don't bother going.
  5. No its not a map reading course. Just looked on a map, No Im not going near chester but thanks for your help
  6. No probs, thought you may be going down south wales, Brecon way as you would have come through Chester from Hull.
  7. Dont need to report untill the sunday so its not a major drama
  8. Also looking for a decent patrol pack
  9. What course you on?

    Does the place you're going to have a stores section? Phone them up see if they can loan you some.

    No luck with your own unit stores?
  10. Beverley.........I went through lots of dirty scutters in Beverley :)
  11. I would hazard a guess that pretty much every Bill Oddie that has had the pleasure(?!) of visiting DST Leconfield has as well... :lol:
  12. The course is at Southwick Park, Have been issued the standard TA load out of 1 Ammo Pouch and 2 Utility pouches.

    deep joy
  13. Sorted out a patrol pack hopefully it will arrive before I leave for the south. Pouches still outstanding