Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by black--rider, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi all!

    Its that time of year again where i need your DPM bits, anything will help

    Amazingly i managed to aqquire some parts of a full set of webbing, but still need a few pouches (only have belt, yoke, ammo pouch)

    If anyone has any spare bits for webbing pouches/fillers, uniform (will PM sizes to anyone who has any) or any other spare bits please post here or or PM me. I will gladly pay you some dosh and postage. I live in London and can meet up anywhere to get the goods of you

  2. Live anywhere near Crews Hill?

    There are far better ways to aquire kit without begging on an army site, surely you must have been issued the main kit you need anyway.

    The only thing I really needed to buy in the ACF was my boots. After that the rest was making things easier. For example I purchased a yoke off ebay and bought the rest from a local military shop.
  3. Anyone....?

    Sadly i dont live near Crews Hill (is that N.London?) i live in South Wimbledon so a tad too far for me
  4. I have a complete AGC SNCOs Mess Dress (Sgt stripes) and a pair of size 11 George Boots. It's been hanging up for night on 3 years, could probably just do with a dry clean but I'm hanging onto that until the promotion board ocmes out later this year so I can flog it on to someone!
  5. What exactlly are you after b-r?
  6. Anything, missing a few webbing pouches, spare bits of uniform, surplus kit

    (BTW the speed of that reply is scary)
  7. I'll have a look in Q&Ms' tomorrow and see what I can put down as 'a realocation of resources' :wink:
  8. Woah! cheers mate shall i Pm my sizes
  9. Yeah, go on, although I'm not promising anything.

    Depends how the clothing store lads are feeling.
  10. Shame really, because that place is crews hill is the mutts for a cadet.

    Worries me a bit that you're so short of kit though, is you're ATC area suffering with a lack of kit, or are youtrying to get into a comfort zone of wearing dry combats the next morning while the others suffer? :p
  11. Black Rider came on requesting all this stuff before. When I offerred to supply it on the understanding that he provide a supporting letter from his unit he failed to do so. Draw your own conclusions.
  12. It does say he needs some for Easter camp, but it's a bit late now isn't it?

    List of surplus stores

    Well, after a quick google I found this little list of stores, BDU Imports being one I visit when I need kit (it's the closest), the others might be alright?