Wanted:AGC(SPS) Female Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by liz_the_nurse, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Wanted: AGC(SPS) Female Mess Dress.

    I am 5'7" tall. Very busty, would require approx size
    . I have searched ebay and the likely sources but no avail....any ideas?

  2. I'd like to help and will keep an eye out for anything....

    In the mean time a photo would be nice? Just so i can get the sizes right :lol:
  3. If you send me your measurements (in inches) and as bibo_boy says naked photo's of you in various positions and angles, I could make you a mess dress, but you would have to come round to my billet for fitting, lets say about 50 or more times, you might have to stay over night, as I am better fitting in the morning. If interested please PM. :twisted:
  4. God you guys are so kind to offer your spare time up for a worthy cause!! It would be great if only I hadnt just sent my latest photos into Playboy and I can assure you that they are hot as they binned some blonde bint for me!! Wahay! Im also starring in a film, just a shame they dubbed my voice with a german one and partnered me with some bloke with a dodgy tash!
  5. Ik Sprecken dee deutchse, und Ik bin haben dodgy tosh. Haben gross ham sausage/schinken. Ik lieb dic mine frau.
  6. Well theres a coincidence, I would translate that to say that I was great in the film and do I fancy a retake?
  7. Tis ver guct yar!!!!!

    I est ver huge tool that vill elp viv da issue u ev?

    is that ok?

    So how can we apply to get copies? :roll:

    I'm also very good with a house wife!!!!! (sewing that is...)

    I also will need to use my hands, as that's the best cup size indicator there is !!! :wink:
  8. Wanted: AGC(SPS) Female Mess Dress.

    Still warm, if possible........
  9. Perhaps me and Ducatti man should join forces and both work on you?
  10. I dont actually believe that a simple request for help to buy a mess dress has turned into sexual inuendos(?) and issues of porn! I only wanted a feckin mess dress!
  11. but laughter is the best medicine!
  12. ....and all they want is to mess your dress..... :roll:
  13. Sexual innuendo??

    Welcome to HM Forces......
  14. thanks for the reminder but arent we supposed to be professionals too? or have i just cracked the biggest joke of the century?
  15. C'mon Liz - this is ARRSE! No problem too serious to be degraded... :lol:
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Not open for further replies.