Wanted: A speedboat and a Cossack

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Aunty Stella, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. I want a speedboat, easy enough. It's hard to effectivley dynamite fish in a dinghy as it takes too long to get away.

    I also want a Lada Niva Cossack (stop laughing, had one as an off roader 3 years ago, it was, much to my surprise, better off road than a 110) The one with the metal bull bars would be nice as this tends to kill the veal instantly, therefore saving the cost of a 7.62 round.

    Easy enough, if you have either of these, let me know and how much ;D
  2. A WW2 MTB, complete with torpedoes would be pretty cool.

    Failing that, a 5 seater speed boat will suffice ;D
  3. Ok, will get onto it today - I don't hold out much hope for a  WW2 MTB, complete with torpedoes, not that much call for them in The Lakes, BUT you never know!  ::)
  4. Cheers mate, I have actually bid for that one but the reserve hasn't been met yet. Did find loads of bigger boats on there but transporting them is a bitch.

    Still want an MTB though, ever since the days of reading "Victor" and watching Cap'n Steel give it to the Boche ;D
  5. How about



  6. I have neither :(

    But would never admit to driving a four wheel drive trabant ;D
  7. would be classed as a luxury car in manblackpoolchester