WANTED - A&SH Officers Kilt

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by barbs, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Please pm me if you can help - 38in waist
  2. Is this because the new Regiment will apparently be wearing the A&SH kilt?
    Will that mean a Box pleated kilt in no1 or no1a tartan?
    If Officers will not be wearing the Argyll inspired lighter colour tartan, this one may work

    A&SH kilt on eBay
  3. I understand it will be an A&SH Officer's Kilt with BW rosettes rather than the A&SH panel.
  4. Most odd. The A&SH kilt is actually that of the Sutherland Highlanders( The Argyll portion of A&SH not having been kilted, the whole 1881 Regiment adopted the uniform of the SH). The lighter colour Officers version was at one time used only by the first Bn, from Argyll-Campbell influence. I can't imagine why now this new Regiment would adopt that lighter colour kilt for Officers.