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Wanted - A or B Mech.

I do a bit of spannering for a Corporate Entertainment set-up, it amounts to perhaps seven or eight times per year, usually on a Saturday. There is also. occaisionally, a need for someone to do a bit of driver instruction for the punters (This can be quite exciting at times). Up until recently, there were two of us doing this, but for reasons of health, my mate has had to give it a body-swerve. I am looking for someone with experience on the vehicles that we use, namely, Chieftain, 434, Abbot, Ferret and BV 202, to share the load. The operation is based in a very nice part of West Sussex and the work is easier than being on exercise! It doesn't pay a fortune, but it's reasonable pocket-money - plus coffee and bacon banjoes.
If you're interested, and want more details, send me a p.m.

Nutstrangler. :)

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