Wanted a magazine for a Lee Enfield No 4

Did you get one somewhere then? I never heard back.
Sorry to say nowadays this is a common theme, someone asks for help or information, you go out of your way to help - and don't even get a reply or god forbid a thank you.:(
Or even worse they ask the same question a week later..
Sorry I havn't kept the thread up to date but the suggestions were dead ends or just too expensive. I rang Bob Burbage this week and managed to pick up a new one still in the wrapper and at a very reasonable price.
Thanks to all those who helped and contributed although one or two need stronger tablets in the nicest possible way.
Ex-Stab I apologise for not getting back to you but I had rang one or two others and was waiting for replys.
Look at the back where they connect into the magazine housing. The SMLE has a raised rib it's full length. The No4 goes halfway. A SMLE magazine has different curves too and looks bad on a No4 and viceversa. From a collector point of view I like all my Enfields to be as original as possible.


Some No1 Magazines will fit in a No4, and indeed many thousands were converted for use in the No4 by having their rib ground off. All of the No4 trials rifles used converted No1 mags.

A No4 mag will rarely fit and function in a No1, mostly due to the obstruction caused by the auxiliary spring at the front of the mag. IIRC, No4 mags were never an authorised replacement or conversion part in the military system.


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Just how are they different? As I recall the magazine from my SMLE Nr1MkIII fit and functioned in my Nr4 and vice versa.

Not been my experience, maybe your recollection is like nostalgia ?
Yes the No4 trails rifles did have converted No1 magazines.
In my case I'm a collector if I buy a No4 Mk1* made in Longbranch Canada I expect it to be made of Longbranch parts or I will replace any that are not original, an exception to this is a Longbranch No4 I have which was re barrelled and received new woodwork in South Africa in the late 1940s.
Recently I picked up a No4 Mk2 made in 1949. In the years since then someone fitted a different set of woodwork numbered to a different rifle and worse still and I suspect when it was being sold someone took the magazine and replaced it with a cheaper No 1 magazine which will not click in . This is why I needed another mag.
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