Wanted: A Job Please

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Shafty, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Anywhere worldwide, dont care where, just getting so pissed off with being a field engineer for a IT company, done it for too long.

    Greenacre Site residents need not reply.

  2. I hear The Somali's are offering positions as an apprentice Pirate...
  3. ******* brilliant, wonder if itll be anything like Pirates of the Carribean, or maybe just a little bit of rape and gun play.
  4. At a time when the Armed Forces, and the Army in particular, are facing cuts in establishment and have a waiting list of applicants up to two years long, this really isn't the best way to seek employment. It rather translates as "I'm fed up and anything is preferable to being an IT bloke". I agree that there are few things worse than being one of those (out of a job altogether might just creep in as a qualifier) but really, to join the British Army, it tends to help if you show some real desire for the profession of arms. Oh, and by the way, this is a really polite reply.
  5. No that's being a South London Social Worker.
  6. It is indeed polite. One minor tweak; it's just that it has nothing to do with the question he's asking.
  7. Ive already been in the army, when Op Resolute was in fashion so the likelihood of getting back in it is very slim indeed. I just think theres more to life than replacing motherboards, installing networks etc. Years of Ptarmigan training has gone to waste i feel
  8. Be me. Im anything and anyone I want to be. apparently.
  9. In jobs offered thread there is a catering managers job in Afghanistan up for grabs
  10. Indeed, but the posting of it on an Army website implied it. That said, out OP has revealed himself to be an "ex" and thus I cede I was wrong (and I'm now being excruicatingly polite. Its something to do with a wager: has even forced me to choke on my usual obscene and blasphemous terminology.).
  11. Frustrating, isn't it? I couldn't do it, myself. There's help out there, reach out, man. One day at a time ^_~
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  12. Fortunately I am away from home so the domestic monitor is unable to keep an ear to the ground. Sadly, I am constrained by a foolish sense of fair play and a total inability to lie face to face with t'other half (and no, I don't/can't play poker... or rather I can but lose a fortune.).